About Kenneh’s Kitchen

I’m Samuka Kenneh, Chef and Owner of Kenneh’s Kitchen. I was born in Liberia, lived in Sierra Leone for a while, and traveled through West Africa. I came to the Netherlands when I was ten, but I still look back fondly on my childhood in Africa.

From an early age, I was interested in the food my parents prepared for me, and it made me decide to study cooking. Over the years I have worked at four different star restaurants. I know that every dish has a special story that needs to be told. In my kitchen, I always try to add an element of my roots to my dishes. Because I love personal contact with guests and with a huge passion for cooking, I decided to set up Kenneh’s Kitchen.

Kenneh’s Kitchen serves classic French cuisine with a West African influence.

In 2021, Samuka Kenneh decided that cooking is more than standing in the kitchen and preparing dishes. Kenneh’s Kitchen was founded to serve the fine dining experience at your location throughout the Netherlands. We provide a high culinary experience special for every occasion such as private dinners, birthdays, business dinners, catering etc.

Each dish has its own story and background. We always use flavors with West African roots in our dishes. Our dishes are also made based on your (diet) wishes. And of course every dish needs a delicious wine to balance the flavors. Our sommelier Lois makes the tastiest wine and food combination that fits perfectly with our dishes. Of course, for the cocktail lovers, we also have the possibility to make cocktail pairing.